How To Nail Sharp Winter Style

Regardless of temps, style and warmth don’t have to mutually exclusive. You can still inject a few style basics into your wardrobe that seamlessly combines handsome form and functional utility. Here are a few rules to help you wage war against the winter without being burdened with bulky, bubble down coats and gaudy, goose-feather parkas.

Layer Well
The core basis to nearly every fall and winter style piece you’ll ever read in life, including this one right here, embracing the art of layering gives you something that most people are rarely afforded in life: options. Transitioning from the commute to the office no longer becomes an “all or nothing” issue when layering. You can dress down from your thick, outer layers to the softer, inner ones and still maintain a comfortable core body temperature. All bets are off, though, when that one coworker decides to up the thermostat because they “naturally run cold”.

Ditch the Heavy Down
As briefly mentioned earlier, harkening back to your childhood days when throwing on an impossibly heavy coat (and not much else) before heading out the door won’t cut it. Not only are jackets made with expensive, space-age materials and delicate fillers hard to maintain, most times they’re unnecessary given what little amount of time you actually spend outdoors on an average, winter workday. Instead, tone and trim your outerwear down by investing in a topcoat, bomber or a nice shearling number. Their lighter, far more svelte and will give you more options when it comes to proper layering.

Mind Your Extremities
They say that the majority of your body heat leaves from your head, hands, and feet, so why not take heed and buy into the details, like caps, gloves, and socks? We recommend a sturdy wool ski hat for your dome and thicker wool socks for your dogs. While some prefer fingerless gloves--presumably so they can still swipe right in 20-degree weather--a smart pair of leather-trimmed gloves will work well with your weekday suits and keep your hands toasty. Glove recs you say? We've got you.

Get Booted
If you live in an area that’s prone to having actual winter weather, swapping out dress shoes for a sturdy, reliable pair of dress boots is the best plan of action. Plenty of shoemakers have produced updated versions of the classic hiking boot that work well in slippery conditions and still work well with your dressiest outfits. Dig into the ins and outs of dress boots over here.

Protect Ya Neck
A quality scarf is indispensable in creating a put-together winter look (and keeping that much-needed body heat in). Wool is preferred, but keep the texture soft as not to irritate your neck. As far as knots go: the simpler, the better. A slipknot or quick twice around (for longer scarves) will work just fine in most cases.

Need some more winter style tips? This Dress Smarter video right here has got you covered.

During winter, the concept of dressing smarter becomes two-fold: being able to curate a wardrobe that both looks good and serves a substantial purpose is what it’s all about. Once you find the perfect balance between the two, your winter wardrobe will be virtually unstoppable, whether it’s 5 or 55 degrees.

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