Mastering The Spring Style Transition

Whether you like it or not, Spring’s officially here (well at least on the calendar anyway) and you’ll definitely be facing some new style challenges as the weather transitions and warms up.  It’s often kind of a weird time, it’s chilly in the morning, sometimes for the day, or it can warm up by the afternoon to full-blown sunshine.  One week it’s going to be cool, then the next week it’s going to be hot.  Now, you’ve probably read a lot of places about building a “transitional wardrobe” (whatever the hell that means), but really it’s just about having the right setup and strategy to deal with all those random weather and temperature changes.  Don’t sweat it though, we’ve got you, it just takes a few simple pieces of strategy and you’ll be set up for style in no time.

It’s All About Layering
Meeting all those temperature changes is as simple as layering like a pro.  The simple way to do it is going with lightweight sweaters or sweatshirts between your outer and inner looks.  For those days when it’s too chilly for just a suit and not cold enough for that overcoat, layering underneath is just the ticket.  The same goes for blazers and casual looks, they'll give you the extra layer of warmth if temperatures drop, but without the excess bulk and risk of overheating if it warms up. As it warms up further, the right sweater should also do the job in covering you for those warm days that turn into cool evenings when you want to ditch the outerwear completely.

Get The Right Jacket
In addition to mastering layering, a versatile spring jacket is a key component and the right one can be the key to unlocking this whole spring transition thing.  Whether it's something dressier like a blazer or more casual like a lightweight bomber jacket, something in midweight wool or cotton is the perfect piece as it’s just as easy to dress it up as it is down, and it’ll take you from work to after-hours super easily.  It’s going to add just a bit of polish and your denim game will take on a whole new vibe.  In addition to giving it a relaxed look, the breathable cotton is going to be the right choice for those rapidly changing temperatures.  For a few more tips on why the right blazer is so key, check this out.

Start Mixing Up Your Colors
As it starts to warm you’re naturally going to want to start lightening up your colors, but you don’t have to go full-on pastels or light denim from the jump.  If you’re already wearing versatile colors like indigo, blues, olive, and tans, you can just start mixing in lighter colors or shades along with those staple, seasonless colors.  You can start with something as simple as a chambray shirt or a pale blue oxford shirt with darker denim and chinos and gradually start moving into lighter hues all around.

Bring Your Suits Into Spring
Speaking of lightening up the colors, don’t be afraid to add and lighten some more colors in your shirt and tie rotation too. In the evening, skip the tie altogether and undo the top two buttons of your shirt.  You can also start working in lighter materials into your rotation when the warm days start to outnumber the cooler ones.  Opting for cotton and blended suiting in versatile colors like navy, olive, and gray are a great way to keep them from looking too “summer wedding” and more work-appropriate.  Also, switch up the heavier wool and silk ties for something more lightweight like a silk knit or something in cotton.

Consider Your Footwear
Spring is a great time for suede dress shoes and loafers, they’re slightly less formal and work well with a huge range of outfits, from office-ready stuff to your go-to weekend gear.  If your office is more casual, drivers are a great alternative, they’ll add polish to your casual vibes but still look formal enough for dressy occasions.  Plus, it’s probably just about time to consider going sockless too so here's a few tips on that as well.

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