How To Look Good At The Gym

It's resolution season for a reason, so we’re pretty sure you’ve started hitting the gym, CrossFit box, spin class, or running trails hard in preparation.  Yeah, we’re just talking about clothes you’re going to beat up and sweat in, but it’s time to start paying attention to what you’re wearing.  Look, we’re not saying overthink this or spend an inordinate amount of time (or money) worrying about your gym “look” but we’re definitely on board with some considered choices and well-fitting gear.  In addition to offering the obvious technical benefits, you never know who you might, well, run into at the gym or in a class.  So, whether you’re blasting your lats or just going out for a jog, here are a few key tips to keep in mind as you’re lacing up for another workout.

Well-Fitting Doesn’t Mean Tight
Probably the most obvious rule #1.  With the exception of a few very specific scenarios (cycling outdoors is pretty much it, TBH), you never want to be that jacked bro grunting in skin-tight neon spandex, especially in a public setting.  We’ve all had the distinct displeasure of averting our eyes as some guy with the wrong idea bent over to pick up a kettlebell.  So keep it simple and just observe the same general rules you apply to your suiting, chinos, and button-ups: a trim, but not tight fit.  The same works in reverse too, overly baggy looks just as crappy at the gym as it does in any other setting.  Sure, you definitely want some room to move, but within reason.

Sleeveless, But With Discretion
So no, we’re not gonna tell you how to live your life (ok, maybe a little bit), but going sleeveless is dicey territory.  It’s super easy to come off as a gym rat trying too hard in a sleeveless shirt, so let’s keep it within reason.  We definitely get that there’s some freedom of movement benefits there, but this isn’t a direct license for an all-out, no f’s given gun show.  There’s also a big difference between “sleeveless” and “tank top”, the first one is ok, but the second is definitely a no-go (80’s or other themed costumes notwithstanding).  Finally, and we hope it’s obvious since they sell them in the underwear section, but tank top-style undershirts belong exactly one place, under your shirt, not on display in public or in a workout setting.  We probably don’t need to cover how much thigh is appropriate to show, do we?  Yeah, thought so.

Gym-Specific Clothes, Not Old Castoffs
As we said, we’re not gonna overthink this here, but it’s time to step it up from that old pair of mesh shorts and ratty t-shirt from college.  In addition to providing solid performance benefits like stretch, moisture-wicking properties, and cooling effects, proper workout gear is going to be lighter and more comfortable.  So it’s time to toss your old gear and invest in some proper shorts, shirts, and maybe a set of tailored sweats and a hoodie.  Compression tights are solid too, just make sure you’ve got a pair of shorts over ‘em, you definitely don’t want to be that guy.  Opt for basic colors like black, white, greys, and blues, and leave the neon colors and wacky prints to the ladies.  Simple, understated vibes are going to equal solid gym style.  We think you’re the type of guy who’s got the confidence to let your hard work do the talking, not a lime green tank top.

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