How To Nail Fall's Coolest Trends

Yeah, we get it, the word “trends” might seem suspiciously fancy or hard-to-reach, regardless of how many places you’re seeing it. Ultimately though, it’s about looking at what’s hot and figuring out how to make it your own. Just because you see something cool but completely impractical doesn’t mean you can’t figure out a way to make it work for you. That’s why this fall we’re here to make it simple and easy. All it takes is just a bit of know-how and confidence. Although true style is eternal, it never hurts to take elements from current trends and create something new for you.

Here's our take on what's new, now, and potentially next, and how to make it work for you.

The Dressy Hoodie
You’ve probably been reading about it in lots of places; how style is going casual, dressing down is the new dressing up, sweatpants are appropriate outside of your couch, and running shoes are the new loafers. Yeah, it’s all pretty cool, not to mention damn comfortable. Add an elevated hoodie to the ranks of the casual-is-now-dressy team and you’ve got something that’s not just super comfortable, but stylish enough for a casual office and the weekends.

How To Do It Right: With all due props to coders and start-up heads, this isn’t that type of hoodie, you want something that’s more sweater and less sweatshirt. Look for a fine-gauge knit in soft wool or even cashmere is what we mean by “elevated”. The best way to rock one is to own a couple. Grab two or three in solid, fall colors, like light gray, black, and dark blue, then throw it over a t-shirt, or under a blazer. It's also the perfect go-between until the temps are just right for the heavier stuff and it’s the perfect way to fly in comfort and style.

Brown Is The New Black
Amidst the go-to colors, the blacks, grays and blues that inhabit most of our wardrobes, there’s one color coming back that's been long overdue for a reappearance. Not just for chinos and shoes, brown is the most versatile color of the season. It’s easy to wear with a ton of other colors and goes against the norm just enough to catch people's’ attention without having you stick out like a sore thumb.

How To Do It Right: From ties to coats, we’re endorsing all manner of browns and you should think about it for all of your main wardrobe items. A bold camel overcoat or peacoat is the perfect way to rock a lighter shade in both casual and dressy situations. Suit-wise, a rich, dark tobacco hue is our new favorite suit color. It plays well in the office since it’s on the darker side but it’s also just different enough that your style cred amidst a sea of navy and gray is assured. Pair with shades of blue or something as basic as a crisp white shirt and a dark tie.

Get Toned
Or more accurately, tonal. We showed you how cool a monochromatic (or single color) look can be, and going tonal is a variation on that, just incorporating different, but similar shades. The tonal vibe works particularly well in the cooler months not just because the earthy, darker colors of the season blend well together, but also incorporating layers of color adds both visual interest and keeps you from looking like one big, shapeless sheet.

How To Do It Right: Start with simple colors, shades of brown match well with shades of green or burgundy, and shades of blue play off well with shades of black and gray. The key is keeping the variations in color and shade different. Dark denim, a blue shirt, and black or charcoal sweater is an easy mix, or try tan or burgundy chinos and matched with shades. Layer up and keep your outerwear dark to keep things simple. Without fail, a crisp white shirt thrown into the mix is an easy way to break things up just enough.

A Bolder Blazer
By now you're (hopefully?) a blazer pro and this season it's time to take you blazer game up a notch. Adding bold pattern into your blazer rotation not only shows you're a man of style, but it's the perfect way to wear some of fall's best colors in a new way. With just a pattern up top, you'll ensure you're not going to go overkill, so if you're a plaid or windowpane novice, here's an easy way to wade into the pattern pool. Additionally, the thicker, textured fabrics of the season take well to a variety of small or larger-scale plaids and windowpanes.

How To Do It Right: Start by opting for a version in an easy-to-wear basic color like navy or gray, it will make matching the rest of your look a snap. The great thing is, these blazers are really versatile, so whether you want to dress up your denim on the weekend or pair one with dress slacks for work, you're covered (and stylish-as-hell). Keep the remainder of your look fairly subdued (simple or solid dress shirt, small patterned tie), and let the blazer do all the talking.

Technical Gets Dressed Up
Taking a few cues from the athleisure and casual trends we talked about earlier, men’s clothing is going to start adding a lot more utility into the mix. What that means for you is that you can feel free to mix more technical items and fabrics like nylon jackets and parkas, track jackets, and the like with more dressy items.

How To Do It Right: Nylon parkas and overcoats have already started popping up on some of your favorite fashion gods, and now it can trickle down to you. Once it does, don't be afraid to wear these fabrics like you would if they were wool or cotton. A technical (not to mention warm and functional) coat in a bold color will work well with your everyday work suit and create a cool amount of contrast. Alternatively, a simple nylon bomber jacket is an economical way to nail a weekend look without fear of messing up a more expensive leather version.

All Suede Everything
Obviously you’ve probably considered suede but this is the season to commit to it in some new ways. While it can be a bitch to keep clean, suede is now being used for more than just a sweet pair of new Pumas. The texture and feel adds an extra layer of fall-ready style to wherever you’re choosing to add it to your wardrobe.

How To Do It Right: So yeah, shoes and belts obviously, but don’t just think of boots and casual belts. A sharp pair of captoes or monks in shades of brown is a terrific fall move and a great way to break up your standard dress shoe rotation. Match a clean suede belt with a dark suit for extra punch. When wearing it, think light. Suede has weight to it l, so the less you wear at one time, the better. A smart suede bomber, baseball or even a field jacket, can become a permanent fixture within your fall wardrobe and add a sweet rugged vibe to whatever you’re wearing, even if you’re just headed down for coffee and not out to mend a broken fence in a forest and grab some firewood. In terms of color, brown is obviously an easy one but don’t sleep on black or even navy and green.

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