10 Models You Probably Should Be Following On Instagram

Instagram has become a model haven, from veterans to up-and-coming models, all manner of foxes are using the platform to share amazing pictures left and right. Get your “follow” ready, here are 10 of our favorite babes on the feed.

10. Lindsey Kevitch
Lindsey Kevitch takes her followers on a journey through her everyday life. You can see Kevitch in action as she poses for C-Heads magazine, or while she’s strolling through the streets eating an ice cream cone. Both gorgeous and approachable, she’s got us on swerve for sure.

9. Amina Blue
After popping up in Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season One” runway show, everyone became obsessed with model Amina Blue. That blonde hair, those gorgeous eyes, and that body. “Damn” is right. Now that she has gotten our attention, Blue frequently shares scantily-clad selfies, as well as photos of some of her favorite animals. What’s not to love?

8. Rocky Barnes
Guess model Rocky Barnes has a love for traveling, and the California-native frequently takes her followers along for the ride. It also doesn’t hurt that she looks extremely hot while wandering down the streets of Italy, or while lounging on the beaches of the Caribbean. Yup, we’re buying plane tickets right now too.

7. Amanda Lee
Need some motivation to get to the gym? Let us introduce you to Amanda Lee. This preposterously hot (and crazy fit) model and trainer will have you prepping the squat rack in no time. If more motivation (seriously?) her workouts are legit too. Gotta love a girl who warms up with your max.

6. Constance Jablonski
Constance Jablonski is just your typical girl next door...if your next-door neighbor was an insanely hot model who also shares funny memes, travel pics, and behind the scenes stuff. If you’re attracted to women who don’t take themselves so seriously, Jablonski is the one for you.

5. Adrianne Ho
More gym-skipping guilt for you, not only is Adrianne Ho drop-dead gorgeous, she’s in tip-top shape. This streetwear and fitness model recently launched her own brand of fitness apparel, and her ‘Gram is ground zero for a dope mix of fitness and fashion (with very few clothes, obviously).

4. Nina Agdal
You’re probably familiar with the uber-hot Nina Agdal from her Victoria Secret campaigns and SI Swimsuit appearances. In her feed, she gladly shares her food obsessions, shots of far-flung photoshoot locales, and much more. If you don’t think a woman can look sexy while shoving a double-decker burger in her mouth, Agdal will quickly change your mind.

3. Chrissy Teigen
Her ‘Gram profile says “Making America great again.” Now that’s one we actually can agree on. The swimsuit model, wife of John Legend, and woman-about-town boasts a feed chock full of photoshoots, food porn, A-List celebrity parties, and travel pics, all peppered with her well-known sense of humor.

2. Emily Sears
Take a peek into the world of this curvaceous and drop-dead gorgeous Aussie. From swimsuit photoshoots to nights out around the world, Sears’s feed makes us want to drop everything and follow. Keep those DM's on the low though, she's got clever ways of making you behave.

1.Sofia Bevarly
We’ll forgive this goddess for dating Dan Bilzerian, because, well, look at her. This up-and-coming model has graced ads and editorials on Instagram and loves selfies on a countless array of insane beaches. Obviously we’re not complaining.

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